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MAY MEETUP - Behind the Scenes of Scaling Up with Oribi
Community TLV
Production Jungle Oribi RnD

Production Jungle: Behind the Scenes of Scaling Up with Oribi | WATCH RECORDING

We'll be hosting the super awesome Oribi team for three excellent talks that will focus on typical challenges with transitioning from a startup to a scaleup and the impact on engineering. RSVP HERE

How to Ensure Data Integrity in a Complex Software Architecture

Asaf Halili, Senior Software Engineer

Ensuring data integrity in small scale systems is relatively simple, but it becomes exponentially harder when a system scales up. One of the go-to solutions is to simply “Retry”. However, in a complex system, a simple retrying solution is not sufficient.
In this talk, I’ll describe the scalable & comprehensive solution we implemented to ensure data integrity in our large-scale microservice-based system.

Monitoring Streaming Pipelines at Scale

Ehud Winograd, Software Engineer

When our systems are small and simple, it’s not too hard to figure out where our bottlenecks are, but when we grow and expand, and especially when the system is composed of a series of asynchronous operations, it gets much more challenging to find and monitor those bottlenecks.
In this talk I’ll walk you through what worked for us, and what you should consider when monitoring your microservice-based ingestion pipeline.

Evaluating a Big Data Technology for Our Use-Case at Scale

Natasha Chernyavsky, Senior Backend and Big Data Software Engineer

When designing your system for high scale and big data, choosing the right technology can be crucial. Choosing well, will make you prosperous. Choosing badly will probably have a very costly effect on your company (both in human and tech resources). Stakes become even higher if you want to start using an unfamiliar technology, with which you still have zero experience.
And so, correctly weighing a technology’s capabilities (be it a database or a hybrid of solutions working together), its use-cases, performance and scale is a task worth mastering as a Software Engineer, though not always an easy one.
In this talk, I’ll share our journey of adding Spark and Presto to our tech-stack and architecture for one of our features, which points and evaluation criterias we took into account, which conflicts we encountered and how eventually we were able to go live with this solution with high confidence.

APRIL MEETUP - Kubernetes, Microservices, Production, Scale with Aerospike & Playtika
Cloud Native & OSS TLVCloud Native & OSS TLV

Cloud Native & OSS IL + Production Jungle   |   WATCH RECORDING

Kubernetes, Microservices, Production, Scale with Aerospike & Playtika |     Event Details

Building Microservices for Real-World Scale

Zohar Elkayam, Senior Solutions Architect and a Technical Account Manager (TAM), Aerospike

Microservice architecture is designed to be scalable - but when using service oriented private databases, we might face some real-world challenges when we do.
In this session we will discuss the challenges of scaling up and down the database layer as part of the microservice architecture, and understand what solutions helped Playtika in scaling up their applications and games.

Playtika Microservices Architecture - The Pros & Cons

Zohar Elkayam, Senior Solutions Architect and a Technical Account Manager (TAM), Aerospike

In this session we will discuss the microservice architecture pros and cons, how it affects application design and development in Playtika and the road to adopting it.
MARCH MEETUP - Community Blitz Q1
DevOps TLV

DEVOPS | DevOps in Search of a Better Definition   |   WATCH RECORDING

Yair Etziony - Polar Squad Germany
    Yair Etziony
    Polar Squad

I want to argue that most companies are confusing methodologies and practices, pushing the transformation in the wrong direction. I want to use my experience as a DevOps consultant and as someone who studied history of ideas to define DevOps better.

Cloud Native & OSS TLV

CLOUD NATIVE & OSS | Building a Cloud Native Product in 2020   |   WATCH RECORDING

Yair Etziony - Polar Squad Germany
    Itiel Shwartz

My story about kickstarting a cloud native company in 2020, built from scratch using the latest (and greatest) tools and processes. Some of these include k8s (what else?!), ci/cd, motoring tools, centralized logging, error tracking, etc. While building Komodor, we learned and changed quite a lot. In this talk, I will share some of the good decisions we have taken (go Hasura!), but also about the challenges we faced, what technologies and the processes we decided to ditch, and what lessons we learned during the past year.

DevOps TLV

STATSCRAFT | One Metric to Rule them All: Cycle Time   |   WATCH RECORDING

Yishai Beeri - LinearB
    Yishai Beeri

If you only measure one metric this is it: Cycle Time. It is probably the most underrated and least understood metric in engineering. Yet this is the metric that comprises the most important aspects to measure in your engineering process.
This talk will focus on how to fine-tune and get Cycle Time right. It’s a mix of improving your planning, interfaces between product and engineering, communication, review and quality gates and release mechanisms, essentially everything your engineering process encompasses. If you can game this metric, then you will realize huge gains for your entire dev process and engineering organization.

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