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This community brings together the leading DevOps communities in Tel Aviv under one umbrella: DevOpsDays Tel Aviv, StatsCraft, Cloud Native Day Tel Aviv, so you that you can get all the information you need about our upcoming events, meetups, and any other community opportunities in one place.

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DevOpsDays Tel Aviv is one of the leading DevOps events in all of EMEA, bringing together speakers from around the globe, with DevOps, SRE, platform, production and operations engineers from our local for two full days of sessions & masterclasses focusing on best practices in operations and systems engineering to gear engineering teams for success.
DevOpsDays is a volunteer-led event, by the community for the community – with talks contributed by some of the best from our local community as well as the global DevOps community, with a diversity of talks from beginner through advanced.



StatsCraft is the foremost conference in Tel Aviv about making monitoring easier, more accessible and more productive.
Monitoring is crucial for detecting problems, optimizing performance, capacity planning, improving user experience and business impact... Yet in many companies, monitoring is an afterthought leading companies to miss out on the value of the data they collected. We often hear that "monitoring is hard" - and it can be, unless we do something about it.



Cloud Native Day Tel Aviv is the evolution of the OpenStack Israel community. As the global cloud technology revolution continues, so must this group and annual conference continue to grow with it. So, we are proud to bring you the all new Cloud Native Day Tel Aviv event and Cloud Native Israel community.</br>This incredible community of entrepreneurs and developers has grown to over 1000 members over its six year existence and hosted renowned speakers from all around the world on all topics Cloud Native, Open Source, Kubernetes & Containers, Open Networking, OpenStack & more.



DevRel IL is the foremost group in Israel focused on knowledge sharing in the Developer Relations community in Israel.


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