Join us for the first of its kind distributed hackathon led by our host and sponsor companies who will each be hosting teams at their offices –– with tasty snacks, networking, mentoring and a day filled with OSS fun.

The Big Idea

We want you to connect with the local OSS Dev Community to:
  • Think out of the box about solving common problems
  • Get creative with Open Source & Cloud Native Dev Tools
  • To celebrate the joy in open source {code}.


Project Categories
  • A Useful Tool or Integration for Everyone
  • In our day-to-day workflows we often find ourselves lacking a really simple tool or integration that could simplify our open source or dev work significantly.
    We encourage you to think about something that is useful on a daily basis, and can optimize work with common cloud native OSS tools.
  • Solve a Universally felt Challenge
  • As a global community of OSS enthusiasts in the cloud native ecosystem, there are users and community members around the globe leveraging its tools and frameworks.
    We encourage you to think of innovative ways to solve daily OSS & cloud native ecosystem challenges that can benefit everyone - from communication to collaboration, useful examples and improvements and more.
  • A Significant Product Enhancement
  • Many times we have excellent ideas ways to improve the OSS tooling experience, but don’t necessarily have the time to work on them with our regular workloads, and so they remain in the backlog.
    You are more than encouraged to build something with any of the suggested OSS projects that does something unique, and is just super cool and nifty.
  • An Exciting Demonstration of Craft
  • What’s a hackathon without fun?! Sometimes we just want to play around with gadgets and gizmos, and put something together that can be useful or just for fun.
    If you have a significant product enhancement that brings direct value to OSS users, build ways to make these cloud native products even better.

Guidelines & Criteria

Project Criteria

  • All projects need to be coded
  • The project needs to be reproducible & demoable in 5 minutes or less
  • Planning & design can start from the moment of kickoff, all coding needs to be done during the two hack days
  • The demo needs to be accompanied by a short presentation (as you wish - with or without slides)
  • Team size should be between 3-6 participants.

Bounties & Bonus Points

You can earn bonus points towards your project with the following advantages

  • Use of any of the following tools / projects in your final project (+2 points for each) - Kubescape, OPAL, ValidKube, Helm Dashboard, OpenSearch K8s Operator, or CNCF projects such as Backstage, ArgoCD, and others.
  • Diversity - Of people, companies and roles (+2 points)
  • Selecting a high-bounty project from the proposals to work on (+5 points)
  • A project focused on anything to help the greater good - from climate change to diversity and inclusion, accessibility, or any other socially conscious project. (+5 points)

Timelines & Important Dates
  • February 6th - Call for participants and projects opens - REGISTER OR PROPOSE HERE
  • March 5th - Project Ignites Meetup and Project Recruitment REGISTER
  • POSTPONED - MAY - Final Demos and Happy Hour
    There are three ways you can choose to participate in the hackathon:
  1. If you were BORN READY for this moment, and have your own project to suggest - feel free to register to the hackathon along with your team, and then submit your project viat the project proposal form, and select your team members from the list.
  2. If you would like to participate in the hackathon and DO NOT have a project idea, feel free to register and peruse the project proposals (including the HIGH BOUNTY projects and select a project you would like to participate in.
  3. If you would like to join the hackathon, and are still waiting to see which projects are interesting, you can peruse the list, join our Ignite Meetup on March 1st, and join the team that had the best project pitch.
  4. Find all of the relevant resources for registering as a participant, proposing a project, and viewing the proposed projects below.

Prizes & Announcement

FIRST PLACE: 1000ILS Gift Card for Each Team Member

SECOND PLACE: 750ILS Gift Card for Each Team Member

THIRD PLACE: 500ILS Gift Card for Each Team Member

Hackathon Judges and Mentors

We have awesome folks from the ecosystem participating as both judges and mentors - see who is involved and make sure to join us!

                    Hirschberg, ARMO
    Ben Hirschberg
    CTO & Co-Founder, ARMO
                    Shwartz, Komodor
    Itiel Shwartz
    CTO & Co-Foundeer, Komodor
Tal Shatz, Terasky
    Tal Shatz
    CSO, Terasky
                    Zitzman, RTFM Please
    Sharone Zitzman
    DevRel at Large, RTFM Please
Or Weis,
    Or Weis
    CEO & Co-Founder, Permit.io
                    Levi, Opster
    Idan Levi
    DevOps Engineer, Opster
                    Hirsch, Komodor
    Rona Hirsch
    Senior Fullstack Engineer, Komodor
Rotem Refael, ARMO
    Rotem Refael
    Director of Engineering, ARMO
Raz Cohen, Permit.io
    Adi Shacham-Shavit
    VP R&D, Transmit Security
Raz Cohen, DevOps Team Lead, Permit.io
    Or Weis
    DevOps Team Lead, Permit.io



Register as a Participant

Project Proposal Form


Big thanks to our sponsors and hosts making the event happen!


Events Locations

Hackathon Host Offices

Check out the locations of the hosting offices and choose your favorite spot.

ARMO Offices | Meitav St 6, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6789805

Komodor Offices | Yigal Alon 82, 3rd Floor, Tel Aviv

Permit.io Offices | Beit Hilel St 6, 2nd floor, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6701457

Opster Offices | HaHashmonaim St 68, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Terasky Offices | Yegi'a Kapayim St 17, Petah Tikva